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Date added:10.7.2024
Employer:Turners Bar

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We are looking for :

A Mature Experienced Bar Tender to join our team here at J Turners.

If you want a nice relaxed job, where you think you can get away with doing nothing, then this is NOT the job for you.
If you like working in a slightly crazy environment, love to have a laugh, eat stress up and spit it out, then you will fit right in.

Here's a few tips to help you get the job:
1 - Come in with your CV or email Do not apply on Facebook as you won't get the job
2 - If you didn't read part one and still apply in the comments on facebook, I'm hoping you will read part 2 and now know, that you will not get the job
3 - Mothers - If you bring in your kids CV and tell me they are great workers, I will hire you, not your child
4 - Ideally, you are not a shy person. It goes with the job but we must talk to a lot of people every day that pay our wages and they like to see smiley confident people serving them.
5- Again, come in with your CV ask for Aidan or email him, don't apply on Facebook!

How to apply

Contact person to apply this job is


Apply with your CV to email

Apply in person with your CV at address

Turners Bar,
22 Castle Street,
Co. Kerry

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